Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Agawam Cinemas.  Is your question still not answered?
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Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we certainly do. We offer discounts for certain matinee showings, senior discounts, and child discounts for children under 11 years old.

Do you have snacks besides popcorn?

Yes we do. We also serve soft pretzels, nachos, candy, some healthy alternatives, and even some gourmet chocolates from a local chocolatier!

How do I find your movie times?

There are several convenient ways. You can find them on the ‘Home’ page of our website, our FaceBook Page, by calling our theater’s automated line, or finding us in the newspaper under the entertainment section. We will also list all of our daily show times in the window every day.

Have you fixed the old ceiling leaks?

Yes, the landlord has installed a brand new roof and our building no longer leaks.

Will you have heat and air conditioning?

Yes, absolutely! I’m aware of past problems with the previous business where the room temperature was problematic.  Rest assured our auditoriums will always be climate controlled appropriately to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable movie experience.

Will you honor the previous business owner’s movie coupons?

Unfortunately we are unable to honor competitor coupons or coupons from the business that occupied the space prior to us (The Agawam Family Cinema). The film companies that provide us the rights to their movies have very strict regulations that we must abide by. Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

Will you rent the auditorium for birthday parties?

You bet! We will be able to rent our auditoriums and lobby for many events (including birthday parties). Because we now have state of the art digital projection systems, we will also be able to rent our space for business presentations. Imagine your presentation up on the big screen! Call us for pricing.

Do you try to keep our movie dollars local?

Yes we do. We are very small business oriented and go out of our way to keep as much of our vendor business as local as possible. We have a very strong sense of community and vow to do our best in this regard.

Are you hiring?

At this current time we are fully staffed. If openings become available we will be sure to post the openings publically through our website and FaceBook page.

What is your policy on cell phones?

We prohibit any use of cell phones during our movie showings. Patrons are encouraged to use their phones before or after a show. If you must use your phone during a movie we ask that you step into the hallway so the others patrons won’t be disturbed. We enforce this policy strictly.

When are you opening?

We plan to open shortly and expect to announce the exact date for our grand opening any day now. The Landlord’s contractors have finally vacated the building and we are now putting the finishing touches on our lobby area and cinemas.

What took so long for the renovations?

Unfortunately all of the construction was performed by contractors that were hired by the building’s landlord. This meant that we had absolutely no control over the timelines, but made every attempt possible to quicken their work process.The staff and owner of the Agawam Cinemas apologizes profusely for the delays that were caused by them and are eagerly anticipating opening our doors very soon.



Family friendly atmosphere, a slice of Americana!


Keeping my movie business wicked local is awesome!


I grew up going to the Agawam theater and I’d love for my children to experience it too!


Having a theatre in town is wonderful. My 93 year old mom and I miss seeing a movie in town. For her, it is a weekly treat. For me, it is relaxing after a long day or week at work. Good luck and thank you for caring about the people of Agawam♡


This is just awesome!


Smelling the freshly popped popcorn when I walk through the doors makes my mouth water!


The tables in front of our seats is so convenient. I love not having to put my purse on the floor.


The prices are great, the service is personable, how could you not love this place.

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