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About The Agawam Cinema

The Agawam Cinemas is a locally owned hometown movie theater nestled in the heart of Agawam, MA. Having been operational since the mid 1960’s when it began as a Jerry Lewis Cinema this movie theater is still a gem. This dual auditorium movie theater is a first run establishment that offers our customers exceptional customer service and a more personal movie going experience. Both of our large auditoriums are equipped with tables that extend the entire length of the seating row, offering our movie goers extra space and a unique convenience option for your snacks and beverages.

  If you find yourself running late for a movie, don’t fret, you still have plenty of time to get your popcorn and soda with our handy table service! That’s right folks, we will bring your order right to your seat for no extra cost! No need to struggle to find a parking space either, you’ll find our parking lot access is quaint and convenient as well. Our competitive ticket and snack bar prices ensure that our customers will have an enjoyable viewing experience without having to break the bank every time. The Agawam Cinemas has now ‘gone digital’, and our new state of the art projectors and sound system are sure to impress all of our movie goers. Recent renovations and improvements have increased the beauty of this historic movie theater, so be sure to come in and check us out!

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